Patternfly Charts

On Sunday (August 7th), I was lucky enough to attend to the first CSSconf in Argentina and it was spectacular.

The organization was spotless. Eva Ferreira, Lourdes Montano and the rest of the team that put together this event should give themselves a big (but painful) pat on their backs.

The venue was really well chosen. The conference gifts didn’t suck, instead of low quality t-shirt that always end up as a pajama, they gave to each one of us a super nice handcrafted mug among other things. And last but not least the food was superb.

It really shows the effort, time and love they put into it.

The speakers

The line up was a mixture between international super stars and local developers. To me the highlights where:

Una Kravets

The day started with Una Kravets, the unacorn herself, explaining how to use blend modes, filters and gradients in real life projects.

I’ve heard her talk about this subject on other opportunities, and as always she shines on stage. Plus I’ve learn about backdrop-filter.

Rachel Nabors

The queen of web animations talked about the new Web Animation API with some charming examples based on Alice in wonderland.

Werther Azevedo

Werther Azevedo, from Brazil, showed us how to build a game using the DOM.

It was an interesting presentation that inspired us to build web games. On stage he came across as a likable and honest person, a feeling that was confirmed after having a quick chat with him during a brake.

Ami Reynoso

Ami Reynoso was really nervous. She spoke giving her back to the audience and looking at the projector.

Nevertheless the content of her talk was really good. She showed how performance is key to achieve good business metrics and how Mercado Libre applies critical CSS.

I think Ami will be a great presenter once she gains confidence.

Horia Dragomir

Horia Dragomir showcase how was built.

It was a very interesting and fun short talk about how CSS is written in facebook with useful tips to follow in our projects.

Aurelia Moser

Aurelia Moser talked about CartoCSS. Styling maps is something completely off my randar, and although I don’t see myself doing it in the near future I am glad I’ve got introduce to it.

Harry Roberts

To end the day Harry Roberts, Mr. CSSguidelines.

He talked about refactoring CSS and it was one of the best presentations I’ve ever seen. Maybe it just resonates with me because I am thinking about how to refactor PatternFly CSS.

He is a stellar presenter with insightful and accurate content based on his experience with huge clients.

Happy ending

Overall it was a great event. I am glad Buenos Aires has a CSSconf and I can’t wait for next year.